“On an average, providers spend an estimated $50,000-$200,000 per year on cleaning, classifying, enhancing and maintaining their item masters but continue to face the same challenges every year”

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The item master is at the core of any provider. But if it isn’t supplied with a constant supply of the right data, the results can be devastating, among them:

  • Missed or wrong orders
  • Inability to arrive at procedure costs quickly and accurately
  • Information technology and system integration
  • Failure of cross referencing and substitution with functionally equivalent products
  • Inability to quickly and accurately identify lower cost options
  • Reduced visibility on spend and road blocks for strategic sourcing

With SupplyCopia, you can quickly and easily

  • Integrate and rationalize multiple item masters into a single source of truth by mapping it to global product database (GPD)
  • Eliminate constant item master maintenance costs by subscribing to cloud based system and if required integrate with our system
  • Automatically cross reference with functionally equivalent products and identify lower cost options without sacrificing procedure outcomes
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs by accurately identifying products. Reduce preference card errors and standardize attributes such as UOM, MOQ, brand name etc. We took an unusual and unique approach to building our global product database.

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