There is more than $5B estimated wasted each year in the U.S. healthcare system due to manual processes and poor visibility to product demand and consumption in the OR.

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Preference Card Management

Now you can overcome the barriers of preference card management, with simple SupplyCopia software. Updates are a snap, and it’s easy to integrate your item master, helping reduce variation, identify on-contract functional equivalents and move more spend onto contract.

Your Challenges

Managing preference cards has been so difficult that often, it’s left undone. Old systems used index cards or Excel spreadsheets that made updating difficult and inconsistent. When preference cards aren’t managed, you’ll deal with

  • Overstocked supplies in the OR, as products no longer in use remain inventoried
  • Higher percentages of product expiration
  • Increased manual labor among OR staff, pulling products that aren’t needed for cases
  • Inability to quickly and easily find functionally equivalent products (or equivalent products on-contract)
  • Lack of visibility to data supporting Cost, Quality and Outcomes initiatives
  • Higher costs and inconsistent results from procedures


Integration of Supply Chain and OR

By building alignment between supply chain and OR teams, you’ll enable better management of physician preference items as the next step in Cost, Quality and Outcomes initiatives.

Reduce OR Inventory

When preference cards are managed, you’ll eliminate extraneous supplies no longer used by your surgical team. An accurate understanding of actual consumption addresses what you need to keep on shelves.

Increase Product Standardization

Successfully linking products used in the OR with your item master can advance product standardization. Gain visibility to on-contract functional equivalents, and help move your organization toward more efficient product selection.

Build Visibility to Cost, Quality and Outcomes

Now you’re ready. Bring your supply chain and clinical teams together to understand procedures, product utilization and outcomes. We’re helping surgeons participate in procedure outcomes studies, which lead to standardization to increase quality and reduce cost.

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