“Neither the small hospitals who rely on manual or semi-automatic processes nor the large IDNs who have invested in ERP systems can claim to have a flawless P2P Process”

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The challenges range from high cost of implementing ERP systems to the supplier collaboration. Due to the high price of ERP and other P2P software, smaller organizations continue to manage the process in a semi-automated manner leading to sub-optimal operations. On the other hand large IDNs have customized the process flow with millions of dollars in consulting fees but left the core issue unattended, i.e. the structure and richness of the item master upon which all the business processes are built. The problems resulting from this include:

  • Because of the cost and training constraints, acute care and non-acute care continue to be run as separate businesses
  • Because of the structure of the current P2P systems, supplier collaboration remains a pipe-dream
  • Inability of current systems to house enriched item master data robs the business of cross referencing and identifying functionally equivalent cost effective alternatives

With SupplyCopia, you have

  • One integrated platform for acute and non-acute care allows organizations to leverage scale and create a consistent road map for cost savings
  • The platform allows easy collaboration with the suppliers and eliminates expensive costs such as EDI
  • The integrated platform is on the cloud, accessible on a device of your choice, and eliminates all expensive customizations. If you are interested to know more about our platform, kindly reach out to us.

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