“Single biggest opportunity for cost savings, but also the most difficult to implement for more than 90% of the providers”

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Physician preference items continue to be more than 40% of the overall cost of the supply chain but are the most difficult to manage for a variety of reasons. These vary from inaccuracies of the analysis owing to bad quality data to a distrust between physicians and supply chain managers. Specifically:

  • Lack of standardized item masters with accurate pricing information inhibits basic analysis such as total material cost of a procedure
  • Missing or inaccurate brand, UOM and consumption data leads to wrong analysis and results
  • Non-standardized procedure names inhibit comparison of like procedures and ability to identify anomalies.
  • Scanning methods and other older technologies for the capture of consumption data lead to missed consumption
  • Application of old technologies and methodologies leads to wrong bill of material data

With SupplyCopia, you have

  • A built-in solution that addresses the structured and unstructured data challenges and makes the data analyzable in the shortest amount of time
  • State of the art machine learning algorithms made up of hundreds of thousands of bill of material models, narrowed to the 3 best options that cover 100% of the procedures
  • Implementable recommendations that are provided to all stake holders
  • Supply chain and clinician’s access to the same information and insights which makes driving change easier and faster

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