“Finance wants lower costs. Medical wants higher quality. I want to check into the psych ward.”


It’s enough to drive anyone crazy. Supply chain managers are caught between the rock of finding more cost-effective medical and surgical products and the hard place of convincing physicians they’ll still get the results they demand. That’s where SupplyCopia comes in


Be the goto person for the CFO

In order to manage the second largest and only controllable spend, the CFO relies on you to provide insights and actions. With the SupplCopia platform every potential cost saving is delivered to you without having to ask for it. No need to hire expensive consultants that do not go away, deal with cumbersome XL sheets, and choose between multiple solutions.

Eliminate item master challenges and recurring costs

Item master is the soul of any provider. Leverage the SupplyCopia global product database (GPD) to keep your item master updated so that you optimize order management, increase the visibility of your spend, increase inventory turns, standardize products and procedures, and pro-actively manage physician preference costs (PPI). Built and delivered on the cloud, this solution seamlessly integrates with any of your ERP systems.

Maximize savings potential

An estimated 22% cost savings can be generated by standardizing products and procedures. This requires understanding the patterns in each procedure and using advanced data science to deliver bill of material options. Let SupplyCopia do all the heavy lifting and surface these opportunities so you can concentrate on acting on recommendations

Predict your supply chain costs

SupplyCopia advanced analytics allows you to predict your supply chain spend years in advance. The built in model integrates data and evidence from multiple sources. It’s a simulation engine that allows scenario planning and is topped with a recommendation engine. It puts you in the driver’s seat all the time.

Proactively manager PPI costs

PPIs constitute an estimated 40% of your spend. Managing them requires scientifically and accurately identifying them and bringing in multiple sources of data to understand anomalies and opportunities. Let the SupplyCopia solution shorten your cycle, increase accuracy, and deliver results that get approval from the physicians.

Improve your strategic sourcing processes

SupplyCopia platform brings readily available apps for request for proposal (RFP), contract management (CMS), and global supplier database so you can quickly and cost effectively streamline your entire strategic sourcing process and automate it


SupplyCopia platform is designed and developed in a modular fashion, so you can leverage the entire platform to optimize your business or chose the modules that best serve your purpose. Either way you are sure to realize the benefits of our intellectual property, cloud and big data science.

Global Product Database

Largest global product database of its kind with 3.5 Million unique products. Designed by clinicians and built by data scientists, this unique database draws on more than 200 source systems and provides exhaustive attributes, up to date UNSPSC, NDC, ATC classification and GMDN, GTIN numbers, HSPCS, CPT and ICD coding and more

Spend & Value Analysis

What cannot be measured cannot be improved. Designed with managing structured and unstructured data, this solution offers more than 150 reports and models to gain control of your spend be it medical, surgical or indirect.

Product and Procedure standardization

Designed with the latest machine learning algorithms, you can analyze your consumption patterns, benchmark it against peers, understand anomalies and design a best fit.

Procure to pay

Whether you are a single hospital looking to automate your purchasing process or an IDN looking to supplement your ERP system, leverage the solution to drive efficiency and supplier collaboration

Request for Proposal (RFP) & Contract Management system

Proprietary technology to automate your entire strategic sourcing process. Leverage the standardized templates, processes and collaboration with suppliers.

Hospital Database

Single largest database of its kind. Arranged by type of facility, size, specialty, geographic location and whether IDN owned. Leverage it to target specific decision makers

Pricing and Promotion

Enables each sales person to create their own territories and target specific decision makers with customized promotions. Tightly integrated with the hospital database.

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