Here's why global as well as smaller organizations choose SupplyCopia

Healthcare. Everyone’s been talking about it for years. But too often their solutions have been more political than practical, more focused on soundbites than savings. We decided to take a different approach, concentrating exclusively on the healthcare supply chain and the savings waiting to be unearthed.

SupplyCopia saw untapped opportunities for hospitals to find savings in the thousands of products they purchase every day by optimizing their purchasing processes with the latest data, analytics, and cloud technologies. We also saw a massive market where manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors could all gain more revenue and increase profitability. And we saw a way to establish a single, dynamic platform where all this could take place. We created SupplyCopia to apply the latest data science and software technology to bring maximum value to both ends of the supply chain – to the benefit of both, and expense of neither.

No matter which end of the healthcare supply chain you occupy, or what your position may be, there’s nothing easier, faster, or more comprehensive than SupplyCopia. In fact, it’s currently meeting the product needs of hundreds of hospitals and the savings goals of their supply chain managers.


There is a reason why global as well smaller organizations have Choose SupplyCopia

We’re vendor neutral

We leverage existing technology investments and optimize them before suggesting newer ones

We are cost effective, able to deploy solutions and bring them to market faster and more affordably

We work with a measurable ROI in mind

We help you reach short term and mid-term goals and help you achieve them, unlike our competitors who don’t take on the implementation responsibilities

We will be accountable for our implementations

We will never propose more than you truly need

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