“This facility isn’t made of money. Don’t our purchasing people know that? And our medical staff? And our suppliers? And…”


SupplyCopia knows it. And we’re doing something about it. Specifically, we’re delivering consistent savings of 15%-20% for dozens of hospitals and thousands of procedures. Without consultants. Without spreadsheets. With ongoing results


Gain visibility and opportunities 24X7 with accurate reports and insights delivered right to your desktop. SupplyCopia’s always-on solution facilitated by machine learning algorithms analyzes and provides surface cost savings and process improvement opportunities on a daily basis. The insights and recommendations can be acted upon almost immediately. Spend more time acting on the recommendations vs analyzing data from multiple sources


Measure and improve procedure level material costs and P/L

It’s impossible to get physician buy-in without 100% accurate reports. SupplyCopia integrates consumption and material costs into a seamless flow and surfaces insights on material costs for each physician and procedure, provides comparison analysis with their peers, and allows you to begin a healthy discussion to control the supply chain costs.

Gain intelligence on physician preference items and drive cost savings through advanced analytics

Physician preference items constitute an estimated 40% of your overall spend. SupplyCopia uses machine learning to understand patterns in the utilization data and provides insights into PPI costs by physician and procedure. Standardizing and mapping this insight with procedural outcomes gives you back control for institutionalizing and standardizing spend behavior

Analyze potential impact of mergers and acquisitions on your supply chain

Business development and strategy teams almost always overestimate the benefits of the M&A. The SupplyCopia platform allows you to plan various scenarios and evaluate the benefits and risks of each opportunity before making the final decision


SupplyCopia platform is designed and developed in a modular fashion, so you can leverage the entire platform to optimize your business or chose the modules that best serve your purpose. Either way you are sure to realize the benefits of our intellectual property, cloud and big data science.

Spend & Value Analysis

What cannot be measured cannot be improved. Designed with managing structured and unstructured data, this solution offers more than 150 reports and models to gain control of your spend be it medical, surgical or indirect.

Product and Procedure standardization

Designed with the latest machine learning algorithms, you can analyze your consumption patterns, benchmark it against peers, understand anomalies and design a best fit.

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