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Date: 2020-03-25

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As of March 7, 2020, we compiled the latest analysis of the global epidemic situation of coronavirus and the shortage of masks due to the epidemic of coronavirus.

In this blog, you can learn about the latest Chinese government’s latest regulations, policies on importing masks from China. Of course, the policy changes at any time. Importing masks from China must keep in touch with suppliers in a timely manner. Take the latest Chinese government policy.

This blog will guide you to learn how to find a Chinese mask supplier, how to control masks quality the risk of importing masks, the classification of common masks, logistics options for importing masks from China. Documents and certificates required for import clearance for masks, as well as a summary of common problems, from Chinese suppliers and overseas mask importers.

This blog can give you a good inspiration and help, we hope the global coronavirus epidemic ends soon.

China has suffered a period of self-quarantine for 3 weeks. At present, this coronavirus epidemic has been brought under apparent control! But the virus was not completely controlled, but began to spread rapidly in the international arena!

At present, with the development of time, the epidemic situation in many countries has reached an uncontrollable level! As a result, the demand for imported masks has increased rapidly in various countries.

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Here are the basics of several major outbreak countries:

Coronavirus outbreak in South Korea

South Korea ’s Central Epidemic Prevention Department reported on the 28th that, as of 9:00 am on the 28th 2020 local time, South Korea had added 256 new cases of new coronavirus from the previous day at 4 pm, with a total of 2022 confirmed cases. The number of infections in South Korea continues to rise, but the honest act of the Korean government to dare to disclose the actual numbers of the outbreak is admirable.

The South Korean government has designated Daegu and Gyeongbuk as special control areas, saying that it will take super-strong “blockade measures” to prevent the spread of the epidemic, but the growth trend still shows no signs of containment!

At present, the US-ROK joint military exercise has been canceled, and the United States has even closed its military base in South Korea!

In early February, Bestforworld logistics helped the Hubei Chamber of Commerce in China import 300,000 masks of the Korean KF94 standard and imported them by air from South Korea to China. But unexpected that in less than half a month, the outbreak in South Korea was so rapid that the lack of domestic masks.

These days we have received many emails, text messages, and inquiries from Korean customers and friends, how to buy medical from China to the Korean market. We will mention later how to import masks from China and how to buy masks from China.

Coronavirus outbreak in Japan

As of 8 am on February 28th, 2020 local time, a total of 919 new Japanese coronavirus patients had been infected, including 200 infected people in Japan, 705 passengers and flight attendants of the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship, and the Japanese government Fourteen charter flights returned to Japan.

Tokyo Disneyland management announced that Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea will be temporarily closed, tentatively closed to March 15.

The outbreak in Japan is also rising.

Coronavirus outbreak in Italy

In addition to Japan and South Korea, Italy is also the hardest hit area! According to data released by the Italian Ministry of Health, the country added 147 new confirmed cases of new coronavirus on the 26th. As of 00:00 on the 27th local time, a total of 470 cases of the coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Italy, and a total of 12 deaths have been confirmed. Neighboring Greece, North Macedonia and other European countries have confirmed cases for the first time on the 26th. Patients have recently visited Italy.

Currently, more than 20 countries have adopted measures such as restricting entry, banning travel, and suspending flights to Italy.

Many Chinese businessmen doing business in Italy have recently returned to China, but several passengers have been confirmed to be coronavirus positive on the flight on the Shanghai Pudong airport

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Global mask demand and prices are rising wildly:

With the uncontrollable development of the global epidemic, the demand and prices of medical protective products such as disposable masks have also increased rapidly!

Spanish demand grows 100 times

According to the Spanish “Daily Development” website on February 25, 2020, Federation of Pharmaceutical Distributors consists of 9 pharmaceutical associations representing 19 distribution companies, which account for 97% of the Spanish pharmaceutical distribution market. A spokesman for the organization emphasized that the demand for masks experienced “unusual” growth between January 2019 and January 2020, with a growth rate of 10,000%.

The report said that the growth in the demand for masks last week remained above 8000%. The organization said on February 24, 2020, that the future development will depend on the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic on Italy.

Korean’ mask prices up 800%

At present, the price of online purchases of Korean masks has skyrocketed, with a single price of more than 4,000 KRW (about 3.2 USD).

According to data released by the Korean Statistics Agency on the 27th, the online price of KF94 masks recently exceeded 4,000 KRW, which is 6-8 times higher than the pre-epidemic (700-800 KRW). The prices of stores such as drug stores and supermarkets have remained at 2,000 KRW Levels.

The Korea Food and Drug Safety Agency previously announced that since the 27th2020, 3.5 million masks have been distributed to the country every day, and sold separately at post offices, pharmacies, agricultural cooperatives, and other places. Each person is limited to 5 at a time. But still in short supply!

Italian mask prices soar 10,000%

With the development of the epidemic in Italy, some merchants in the country have significantly increased their selling prices due to the epidemic. Italian Deputy Prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano said: “The online price of masks has increased from 10 cents to 10 euros, and a bottle of disinfectant with a capacity of one liter was sold last week for 7 euros, and now costs 39 euros.”

But even if it is so expensive, masks in some northern supermarkets are almost sold out.

In addition, Amazon, eBay, and other platforms have also appeared on N95 masks priced more than 1,000 US dollars, the price was incredible.

The situation of Chinese mask suppliers and exporters, Until March 7, 2020

The following content will answer these common questions:

Can mask factories in China export masks?

How to find a reliable Chinese mask manufacturer?

At present, there are many fake masks. If I import masks from China, how can I make sure the authenticity? Control the quality of disposable masks?

I am a trading company in the United States. I used to import toys from China. How can I import masks to the United States?

I want to import masks from China to the UK. How to arrange international logistics, by sea or by air?

Can you provide door-to-door DDU / DDP service from China imported masks to Australia?

What documents, certifications, and authorizations are needed for importing masks from China to Germany?

How to judge the authenticity of imported Chinese masks, and how to distinguish between three-layer civilian protective masks and medical masks?

As a large number of Chinese companies such as the automotive industry and the electrical industry have begun to put on a oduction of mask production lines, they have met the domestic demand for masks, which has led to the current shortage of raw material meltblown cloth.

Meltblown cloth can be called the “heart” of surgical masks and N95 masks. Medical-surgical masks and N95 masks generally use a multilayer structure, referred to as the SMS structure: a single layer of spun-bond (S) on the inside and outside, and a meltblown layer (M) in the middle, generally divided into single or multiple layers.

Among them, the outer layer is a non-woven fabric with a waterproof treatment, which is mainly used to isolate the droplets sprayed by the patient; the middle melt-blown layer is a specially-treated melt-blown non-woven fabric, which has good filtering and shielding properties. , Thermal insulation and oil absorption, are important raw materials for the production of masks; the inner layer is ordinary non-woven fabric.

At present, due to the scarcity of meltblown cloth, its price has increased from 18,000 RMB to 80,000 RMB, a 4.44 times increase! However, according to some mask suppliers’ words, Even if the raw materials increase, the ex-factory price of the mask cannot rise! Because the masks produced have either been donated or supplied to the government for distribution, prices cannot be increased.

Today Until March 7, 2020, the daily output of full-face masks has reached 100 million. I believe that supply and demand will gradually balance! Domestic demand will soon be met, and profitability has become the primary goal of Chinese mask suppliers and exporters. The earliest news is the latest news received by BW on March 5. Although the Chinese government strictly controls domestic mask transactions, it sells them. But China’s mask suppliers and factories and exporters have been allowed to export masks. Because the Chinese government is worried that if the current production progress, China’s masks will be overcapacity.

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At present, the Chinese government has not explicitly banned the export of masks, but due to the domestic epidemic situation that has not completely slowed down, and fake masks are frequent, customs inspection of this category is still relatively strict from China’s customs.

What qualifications needed to export masks from China?

Exporting mask from China (Corporate Action)

For overseas sales of masks:

Only those who have a medical device business license in the business scope, and those with import and export rights, can export.

Used as a gift or as a purchase mask

As a gift or for purchasing on behalf of an affiliated company (parent-subsidiary, importer), provide relevant certification documents, business license, product medical device filing certificate, manufacturer inspection report.

Recently, in Wenzhou, 70 new mask manufacturing companies were established in 5 days. These companies only have manufacturing capabilities, and many companies have not obtained export licenses for medical devices. This is something that importers need to pay attention to. Otherwise, you have purchased Chinese masks, but the goods cannot be exported. Of course, there are ways to find an agency with medical equipment export permit, but you need to pay extra agency export costs. Importers who encounter such issues can contact Bestforworld, and we will assist with similar issues.

Of course, there are many Chinese mask exporters who use other product names to replace masks in order to avoid customs and platform inspections. This is a very dangerous operation and the risk is very high.

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Many sellers who sell surgical masks and N95 maks on Amazon or are about to sell, it is recommended to carry out FDA and other related certifications for masks imported from China, otherwise, they will face investigation and seal risks. Amazon sellers must sell masks legally and compliantly.

In fact, in addition to masks, sellers who know Amazon can also pay attention to products such as forehead thermometers. We have received many shipping inquiries about forehead thermometers.

In addition, according to the Shenzhen Third Hospital today test: New crown virus nucleic acid was detected in the conjunctival secretions of patients with new coronavirus! Eye discharge infection has been confirmed! Goods such as goggles and ski goggles may also become popular products on Amazon.

Enter the core content below about importing masks from China or shipping masks from China:

How to choose a reliable Chinese mask supplier and exporter? risk? Process? The choice of logistics solution?

For many professional importers of masks and medical supplies, they are not worried about how to find a reliable supplier, because before the outbreak, this type of product is their main product, and they are familiar with the distribution of suppliers. There are also many suppliers.

If you are an importer, import masks from China for the first time when you enter google or B2B website try to find some mask supplier or try to find a big chance for making careful.

As of March 22, 2020, the price of ordinary civilian masks fell from 0.31USD / UNIT 7 days ago to the current 0.242USD / UNIT FOB price

As the inventory of domestic civilian protective masks is gradually sufficient, the price of civilian protective masks will continue to fall, and the vicious competition of Chinese mask suppliers will begin to appear, bringing a lot of quality risks to overseas mask importers.

Thousands of mask suppliers make you dazzled, prices are high and low, making you unable to make a choice in a short time.

The quality and materials of some cheap masks are just like garbage. Although the price is very low, no matter who uses it, it will not have any blocking effect on the coronavirus.

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BW suggestions:

Query customs data to see does your country have a relatively large and medium importer of medical supplies and which Chinese supplier they used. You can try to talk with these suppliers, ave you time.

We recommend working with medium and large Chinese mask suppliers because their products are more guaranteed and may be slightly more expensive, and delivery time cannot be prioritized.

The reason is the disinfection of medical masks. The sterilization time is at least 7 days instead of 7 seconds. Put a normal mask into a medical mask packaging bag.

And the Chinese government still strictly controls the circulation of medical surgical masks.

If you just want to get masks from China quickly and make a profit, I think maybe there are only many small factories that can meet the order of thousands or tens of thousands, and they can guarantee that under the current situation that disposable medical masks are still lacking, There are even many factories that can guarantee the production capacity of hundreds of thousands of disposable medical masks a day. It is really questionable because once these masks are replaced by medical masks, these masks will give those medical workers, Health care workers in close contact with coronavirus patients pose a huge risk of injury and infection.

At this time, morality and conscience should come first, As a businessman, you still have to maintain the most basic sense of responsibility.

If you have very rich import experience, from overseas, or from China, I believe that you can filter and compare suppliers by a few days, and evaluation by quotation, supplier analysis, email, chat. You will know which guy is the right choice.

If you have very little experience in the supply chain, but in your country, you have the capital and sales. We suggest that you can use Chinese trading companies and companies like BW, traders in China, middlemen to help you souring such products. save your time and energy.

Risks of importing masks from China:

1 The first risk is the risk of quality. At present, the quality of masks produced by Chinese mask suppliers has various grades.

Regardless of disposable medical masks or N95 masks, the price of a good quality mask is two or three times that of a poor quality mask.

Of course, you can choose to let trading companies and regular trading companies help you to purchase. They are responsible for screening, quality control, and reducing huge risks in whole supply chain.

Of course, you can also purchase directly from Chinese mask exporters.

Contact Bestforworld to import masks from China now, Door to door shipping solution for your mask delivery.

2 At present, many large-scale mask manufacturers are required to pay the full payment before placing an order.

This is a huge pressure and risk for the funds of overseas sellers and importers.

3 The risk of mask inventory. At present, many large and medium-sized mask exporters in China have a minimum order of 300,000 to 500,000. If you purchase nearly 1 million masks, do you have the ability in a short time to sell them out? worth considering

4 The risk of the delivery time of the masks, the current special epidemic situation, the raw materials of the masks, and the workers in the factories are in short supply. If a factory gives you a 100% guaranteed delivery time, please be careful.

5 The biggest risk is the supplier’s fake masks. Many Chinese masks suppliers ship protective masks to customers as medical masks, but earn more profit,We recommend customers with mask orders over millions and millions can contact BW for quality control:

There are two ways:

1 Find an import agent in China. As an intermediary, the overseas representative of the import agent in China signs the order contract with the factory. The contract can require any quality details of the product, especially when it comes to counterfeit masks. You can ask your Chinese agent to sue the Chinese mask supplier

In this way, the quality awareness of the supplier is enhanced, and the supplier is aware of the importance of quality.

2 Let the Chinese agent carry out daily disinfection, sterilization supervision during production, and station in the factory. Control quality at all times.

Of course, due to the current epidemic situation, many suppliers may not agree, but for importers of large orders, we recommend these suggestions. If you want to know more, you can send an email to learn about this agency service of BW. Better control the quality of your imported masks from China and keep your good reputation in the market.

The logistics solutions for importing and shipping masks from China :

There are many importers inquiring about how to choose a logistics solution. Should I choose to transport by sea or by air? In general, our recommendation is definitely to choose air. No matter using it for the government, or just selling for profit. we believe that you should receive the masks very fast.

Of course, for example, countries around China, such as imported masks from China to South Korea, Japan, and Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other Southeast Asian countries, in fact, shipping by sea is still a good choice, the general voyage is only 6 -15 days or so, but shipping cost will save a lot compared to shipping the mask by air. If you want to import Chinese masks to Europe, North America, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, please choose air freight.

Of course, due to the outbreak, global airlines have canceled a large number of flights to and from mainland China, so the price of air freight has increased significantly, and aircraft cargo spaces are very tight, and they need to be reserved at least 7 days in advance. The international air transport market under the epidemic situation is also unknown.

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