“Check all the catalogs for the best prices on those supplies you need? Sure. Come back on the first Tuesday. Of 2027.”


Where do you look first? A good place would be SupplyCopia’s unique Item/Data Master. Updated daily and delivered instantly, it’s built on the most extensive data foundation you can find


Eliminate item master maintenance costs

Subscribe to the SupplyCopia global product database (GPD) and leverage over 3.5M products, be it to clean your current item master, update missing information, or update classification to the latest versions or functional equivalency.

Integrate multiple item masters into one global database

If your organization has grown through M&A activity, it’s likely you have multiple independent item masters in multiple systems. It’s also the cause of your missed opportunities. Consolidate your item master into one standardized database and lay the foundation for a true transformation

Functional equivalency & cross referencing

While this remains a subjective issue, SupplyCopia has created a near perfect functional equivalency by leveraging various methodologies such as attribute based scoring, clinical evidence, and pure data science. The result is a functional equivalency and cross referencing that everyone can agree on

Integrate with your systems

Having created the perfect item master, you still have the challenge of integrating it with your ERP, order management, and other systems


SupplyCopia platform is designed and developed in a modular fashion, so you can leverage the entire platform to optimize your business or chose the modules that best serve your purpose. Either way you are sure to realize the benefits of our intellectual property, cloud and big data science.

Global Product Database

Largest global product database of its kind with 3.5 Million unique products. Designed by clinicians and built by data scientists, this unique database draws on more than 200 source systems and provides exhaustive attributes, up to date UNSPSC, NDC, ATC classification and GMDN, GTIN numbers, HSPCS, CPT and ICD coding and more

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