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These days healthcare professionals face a lot of challenges. Thanks to SupplyCopia, supply chain management isn’t one of them.

Benefits for CFO

Get unprecedented visibility into every dollar you spend

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Benefits for Supply chain head

Make value-driven purchases that don’t compromise quality

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Benefits for Data & Analytics manager

Get daily updates from the most extensive database you can find .

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Benefits for Sales person

Optimize pricing and promotions without costly sales calls

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Your journey to a better supply chain starts here

Whether you’re a hospital CFO, supply chain manager or a product supplier, SupplyCopia is your next step to finding hidden savings, increasing revenue, and improving decisions with business intelligence.

Benefits for Hospitals

Improved supplier collaboration

Whether you’re automating the procurement to pay process or accepting pricing and promotions, you can measurably drive cost savings and effectiveness.

Modular solution on the cloud

The solution is designed to scale depending on your short and long term goals. Owing to the modular design, you can decide to leverage those modules that provide the best ROI and build as you go. No matter how you design your strategy, SupplyCopia leverages the source data from your ERP,EHR and other native systems.

Get to market faster and more cost effectively

SupplyCopia has built, tested and implemented data, analytics and platform solutions on a global basis. Leverage these solutions out of the box or customize them to suit your specific requirements. Either way, your time to market will be reduced by 40-50%

Leverage Your Existing Systems

The SupplyCopia platform works with your current systems, people, and processes, not in place of them. Whether you have PeopleSoft, Oracle, Lawson, SAP, Meditech, Aperek, Prodigo, or custom system. Our platform is intelligent enough to deal with structured and unstructured data and provide actionable insights that can be accessed both on the cloud and on any device of your choice.

Benefits for Suppliers

Regain control of your sales process

SupplyCopia puts control back in your hands. Target individual hospitals, hospital systems, and IDNs with precise pricing and promotions. Dynamically manage demand.

Direct communication with providers

Whether you’re responding to the purchase order or creating the pricing and promotions, you can measurably drive revenue and profitability.

Pricing & Promotion

Leverage the SupplyCopia hospital decision maker’s database arranged by size, specialty, IDN etc. and send in pricing and promotions at appropriate times to maximize your revenues and profitability.

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